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Strategy & Monkeytek Moloko Finale (this Friday!)



After 8 1/2 years (or so) of 4th Fridays on the Moloko Hi-fi, Monkeytek is calling it quits!
Come gather ’round one last time on Friday November 24th as Strategy & Monkeytek meet & send it off in fine style.

From Monkeytek:
Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun through the years, to Emily for visuals and especially to Christian, Erin & Moloko crew for all the fun times.



Gulls “Internal Rhythm” PDXINDUBTING06 Cassette


Presenting PDXINDUBTING06 –

Gulls “Internal Rhythm” Cassette LP

Deep improvisations and dub explorations from the dojo

From the uprock styles of ‘Wave Roll’ and ‘Mixer Test’ to the stretched out lateral scapes of
‘Shade Motion’ and ‘Blood Muscle’, Internal Rhythm showcases the full scope of Gulls’ craft.

All tracks are live hardware compositions made in the spirit of self hypnosis, self reflection
and experimentation.

If you have a blog, podcast, radio show, magazine, record shop etc., email us
and let us know what you do and we’ll send you the full digital album for review.


  • Catalog No. PDXINDUBTING06
  • Release date early February 2016
  • High bias Cobalt cassette
  • Limited to 50 copies
  • High quality digital download included with each purchase
  • Running time 77 minutes
  • Mastered by Josh Derry aka Alter Echo for full sonic resonance
  • Artwork by Honeybones Design
  • Digital release forthcoming on Bandcamp


About Gulls:
Gulls is the music of Boomarm Nation founder Jesse Munro Johnson.

Exploring the reaches of DUB SPACE, and SCI-FI POLY-RHYTHMICS, Gulls takes cues from world classical/ traditional musics, minimalist ethos, dub pioneers, and oversized sound systems. Gulls music is built from live performance, improvised pattern hypnosis and an exploratory no-rules approach to melody and rhythm. Music as a lifestyle, and a discipline.

Look for Gulls forthcoming 12″ EP release Rhythm Sounds From Planet Illness coming in Spring 2016 on Common Language (new offshoot of Community Library) and ZamZam 37 7″ on ZamZam Sounds also in Spring 2016.

pdxindub is a mixtape label based in Portland, Oregon, USA. Originally formed to feature dubwise selectors based in Portland, it soon grew to reflect an international family of djs and musicians. The label and people involved also incorporate elements of local labels Zamzam Sounds, Lo Dubs, Tamarack Music, Boomarm Nation & Sahel Sounds.

PDXINDUBTING! it’s sister label focuses on releasing full length cassette albums of all original material. Previous releases have showcased Hieronymus (Copenhagen)and Pale Rider (Nashville), Echo Wanderer (Pacific NW)& Xoki (Copenhagen).