Space Coast – Hieronymus


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Space Coast – Hieronymus

Who in their right earthly mind would make a 10 track album in this singles release era and have it released on cassette? Hieronymus!

Cassette & high quality digital download

We here at pdxindub are pleased to announce our new sister-label PDXINDUBTING! Our first release, pdxindubting01, is Hieronymus “Space Coast” featuring 10 original handcrafted dub tunes. This will be the first in a series of all original full length cassette releases.




A few words from Hieronymus regarding his music:

“My intentions in making music doesn’t follow todays conventions or fashion much. Its mainly curiosity that drives me. My work process is most of the time chaotic and I usually don’t know what turns up around the corner when jamming.

This album is a rich, melodic and strongly addictive musical tonic served well stirred and very versatile in style.

There must be a lightyear in difference between tight and minimalistic “Taxigang” style “Escalator” to “Goldcoast” that almost gives the listener flashbacks of something Jackie Mitoo’ish with its curly synthesizer vocoder improvisation over a hazy rootsy rhythm.

Put on your tinfoil spacesuit and press play!”





Catalog No. PDXINDUBTING01Release date early August 2014

High bias Cobalt cassette

Limited to 100 copies

High quality digital download included with each purchase

Running time 39 minutes

Cover art by Hieronymus and sleeve design by Honeybones Design