Phased Entity Meets Echo Wanderer


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Phased Entity Meets Echo Wanderer

Cassette & high quality digital download

 13 solid cuts of moody dub and ultra-low end harmonics

We’re happy to present an album of music that has been special to us here at PDXINDUB  & TING for a while. Echo Wanderer and Phased Entity are two sides of the mind of one Jeremy “Jez” Chatfield. Both projects are rooted in Dub Reggae soundsystem history and each with it’s own pathways inward and outward, emotive, deep and lively.

Warning! These recordings contain frequencies that are not properly translated by small speakers.



Release Date: March 2015

High bias Cobalt cassette

Limited to 100 copies

High quality digital download included with each purchase

Running time 79 minutes

Artwork by Honeybones Design

Selections by Monkeytek

Digital release forthcoming on Bandcamp