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Back to the End to be Buried Again – Rer Repeter


We are pleased to present a blast of dark lights from Rer Repeter. “Back The End To Be Buried Again”. A dense, danse macabre featuring tunes from Ca.tter, Rrose, Sheriff Lindo & The Hammer, African Head Charge, Monica Hits The Ground, Peder Mannerfelt, NHK, IZC, Skee Mask, Overtone, Cxnik & Rer Repeter, I-LP-O in Dub, CUB, Wizzbit, Ekoplekz, The Durian Brothers, Steelie & Cleevie, El General ,Mafia & Fluxy meet Mad Professor.

Fuck yeah!!

Appropriate for dance parties, funerals & exhumings, wakes & old timey revivals.


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